Standing out at World Travel Market

Stand design is incredibly important for showcasing your business at its best. In November 2023, the Oak Creative team had the opportunity to attend the famous World Travel Market. As well as paying a visit to our friends from Holiday Extras, we also wanted to see what the best stand design in the industry looked like! We were certainly blown away by some of the creativity and dedication, so here are some of our favourites:

The Maldives

This was easily our favourite stand design of the day and it was no surprise that it won the the award for the best stand in its size category. The immersion of the walk through ‘aquarium’ was incredible and achieved with round fabric light boxes and digital displays that could be walked on! There were also large replicas of the classic Maldives floating houses to hold business meetings in, but the grand walk-through entrance was definitely grabbing everyone’s attention.


There was a great combination of interactivity and stand design for Malaysia. We first visited the rainforest style exhibit stand which had beautiful visuals and audio, including some subtle water features. Round the corner we then discovered some traditional fabric art being created which was also available to purchase. Both of these elements were fantastic for drawing in attention and showing what the country has to offer.

Alula & Neom

Alula and Neom both utilised captivating sky-themed graphics to enhance their displays. Alula’s stand featured a light-box graphic of a giant blue sky, adding vibrancy and drawing attention to their ‘zone’, particularly effective against London’s dreary weather. Their setup included simple, modern tables, chairs, and information stands. Similarly, Neom’s display also incorporated a large sky and sea graphic, but with the addition of a massive standing screen. This screen played seamless videos showcasing activities and places to visit, creating an engaging and attractive presentation that was sure to wow visitors.

Abu Dhabi

This was quite possibly the largest and most detailed of all the displays/stands at WTM. It was clear a very large amount of time and money had been spent on this so it feels almost unfair to compare it to some of the others, but it truly was a sight to behold. The entire structure was a huge series of meeting rooms, tables, tunnels and architecture, it certainly left a big impression.

Canary Islands

Another one of the larger stands at WTM, the Canary Islands also had some impactful visuals. It offered themed areas, giant hanging cubes filled with uniques scenes and this enormous screen displaying a beautiful video. The immersive marketing film captured some great footage. It shows off what is on offer from the Canaries, and leaves you wanting to visit.


The stand design for Taiwan was quite simple, especially in comparison to the Malaysia stand next door to them, but they still achieved something rather fantastic! They used an interactive element to draw people in instead: traditional Taiwanese patterns available to screen print. Not only is this a really fun and satisfying activity, but it also gives you a keepsake to take home and remember them by after the event has finished.

Some bonus features:

Our Conclusion:

Big or small, grand or simple, it takes a whole range of stand designs to create a unique and memorable experience at a show. As long as you can find your way to stand out either interactively or visually, you will draw people in to see what you have to offer.

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