Dallaways Cherries

Established in 1986

Rent a Cherry Tree was established in 1986, they are specialist cherry farmers and farm approx 40 acres of cherries in both Northiam and Sandhurst. They approached Oak Creative for assistance in re-branding their Cherry Juice product.

The Mission

Oak creative partnered with Rent a Cherry Tree to establish their Dallaways brand and presence to accurately communicate the benefits of cherry juice.

“Oak Creative has proven to be an invaluable asset in assisting us with the re-branding of our juice label, as well as designing the branding and shell scheme for the trade shows we have participated in. Their professionalism and efficiency are truly commendable, particularly when we required urgent artwork. Working with Oak Creative has been an absolute pleasure, and I would recommend their services to anyone in need of exceptional creative solutions.”

Michael Dallaway – Owner

Why did Rent a Cherry Tree come to Oak Creative?

The Rent a Cherry Tree company allows you to rent a tree on an annual basis and enjoy the delights of experiencing your cherry tree throughout the growing season. They also make Dallaways Cherry juice, and in 2022 pressed and made more cherry juice than ever to keep up with demand.

Rent a Cherry Tree Company sought out Oak Creative for their expertise in creating a professional and captivating label for their cherry juice. With a growing demand for their product, they recognised the need for a more polished and visually appealing label. They wanted to do this in order to attract the B2B market to stock their products, and therefore needed the label to look less ‘homemade’ and more creative and professional.

What were we looking to solve with the new label?

Oak Creative conducted extensive brand research to understand the client’s preferences and set out to create a fresh look for the label.

There are many health benefits of cherry juice. It’s packed full of natural melatonin which can aid sleep and is also full of an antioxidant called Quercetin, an anti-inflammatory. It’s also very beneficial for sufferers of arthritis and is a natural remedy for gout.

The challenge was to effectively convey the numerous health benefits of cherry juice without overcrowding the design. To achieve this, Oak Creative incorporated a bespoke cutter and textured pattern to emphasise the product’s healthiness. Additionally, a heart shape was cleverly integrated within the cherry stalks. The resulting label strikes a perfect balance between shelf readiness and a touch of playful charm.

We are looking forward to hearing about the results from the new label when the 2023 produce has been bottled.

How have Oak Creative continued to support the rollout of the new Dallaways brand?

Having successfully redesigned the label, Oak Creative has continued to support the Dallaways brand in various capacities. As Dallaways prepared to exhibit at events such as the Farm Shop & Deli show in Birmingham, Oak Creative assisted in creating an eye-catching exhibition backdrop and an impactful advertisement for the show guide. 

To promote the health benefits in the absence of the new labelled bottles, Oak Creative developed an informative bottle tag. Furthermore, when Dallaways expanded their product range to include Cherry Powder, Oak Creative had the privilege of designing an attractive pouch for the packaging.

The ongoing collaboration with Dallaways is a testament to the trust and satisfaction they have placed in Oak Creative’s ability to deliver exceptional creative solutions.

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