Online brand refresh


Iconology, an IT company located in The Royal Oak Inn (which coincidentally was Oak Creative’s former studio), underwent a change in ownership and rebranding. Therefore they were keen to develop a new website to showcased and reflected these transformations.

The Mission

Oak Creative partnered with the Iconology team to create a website which truly reflects the Iconology brand in 2023.

When is the right time for a new website?

Iconology, a growing business in the IT industry, recently underwent significant changes, including a new ownership structure and a move to a new location. These developments demanded a website that truly reflects their current position.

Originally established in 1998 as an IT hardware provider, Iconology has expanded its offerings to include security cameras, telecommunications, internet services, hardware, and procurement.

Their previous website was built on an online website building platform. To showcase their full offering and to communicate their brand creatively, Iconology needed a custom built website. Oak Creative has designed and built a bespoke website which is entirely fit for purpose. The result is a website which brings their brand to life, accurately communicates who Iconology are and makes them stand out!

What were the goals of the new website?

  • Stand out as a personable IT business in Kent
  • Show progression and attract a new audience while catering to existing customers’ needs
  • Include and showcase the entirety of Iconology’s services
  • Create a simple website that is easy to use, understand, and navigate
  • Avoid overwhelming users with IT language and jargon
  • Position Iconology as professional, knowledgeable, and approachable

Overall, the new website needed to embody the business strapline of ‘The Friendly IT People’, so that Iconology stands out, which attracts and serves a diverse audience with a simple and user-friendly design.

What is the process of a new website project?

With every new website built at Oak Creative, there is a website briefing process which helps us to understand what is driving the new website. This is where we get to share your journey and identify your goals.

We also like to really drill into your customer types – who are they, how do they find you and what role does your website play? Once this information was gathered from Iconology, we provided a checklist of webpages before we entered the design phase. We supplied design prototypes of each page as an interactive website preview file which allows easy feedback directly in the file. Iconology arranged a photoshoot of their new office space so the imagery used in the website is relevant, up to date and professional.

Oak Creative’s thorough process ensured a website that aligns with Iconology’s goals and equipped their team with the skills to confidently manage their online presence.

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