Kent Crisps

Crisps with Character

An award-winning range of hand-cooked crisps inspired by Kentish flavours, exported globally and delivered locally. Kent Crisps were founded in 2011 and soon became an award-winning range of hand-cooked crisps inspired by local flavours and made using Red Tractor assured, British-grown potatoes.

The Mission

Redesign and build the Kent Crisps website with a reliable online sales platform – powered by Oak Creative’s e-commerce platform FoodE.

A FoodE website by Oak Creative will enable the brand to deliver a seamless e-commerce experience for local customers, to compliment their established export trade.

As one of the few British snack brands that remains independently owned and run, Kent Crisps ethos is to produce delicious crisps that showcase the finest food and drink from across the country.

Why did Kent Crisps need a new website? 

Kent Crisps were operating a basic website that was a quick win when they purchased the business 5 years ago. It was time to overhaul with a reliable, robust and professional platform.  Having met the FoodE team at events run by trade organisation Produced in Kent, Kent Crisps approached us to propose how the FoodE system could work for them.

What was the goal of the new website?

Whilst Kent Crisps has an established trade and export market, the brand didn’t have the option for consumers to purchase directly from them. This would provide an additional income stream to the business by having e-commerce functionality on the website.

During the project kick off meeting, we discussed that the website needed to enhance the brand experience by offering a professional platform for consumers to understand the brand story, and purchase products.

The Kent Crisps team wanted to ensure the website had the ability to rank well in search terms, and have a translation feature show it was accessible for overseas customers.

What was the process of launching a new FoodE website?

Kent Crisps opted for the Michelin Starred package which included fully bespoke design elements to showcase the brand. We created a series of illustrated icons which highlight quality marks and dietary info.  These visually communicate key information to website visitors easily.  Kent Crisps full range is gluten free as and they have won many awards which needed to be highlighted through these icons.

Giving website users an intuitive and seamless experience is paramount,  the design complements this and the blog feature enables users to keep up to date with Kent Crisps news.

Throughout the design process we supplied working test links, to work collaboratively with the Kent Crisps team to ensure we achieved their vision.

What operational benefits will FoodE bring to Kent Crisps?

FoodE will enable Kent Crisps to integrate their business systems with their e-commerce website, saving them time, resources and hassle!  Their stock management system is synced with FoodE to allow full sight of their stock levels. Accountancy functions are integrated, to save duplication of data entries. Responding to marketing insights becomes simple as FoodE syncs to email marketing platforms.

Kent Crisps are excited that FoodE will boost their business into the next stage of its lifecycle.  There is the facility to run offers and implement a loyalty scheme – the opportunities are endless and none of these were possible on their previous site.  It is exciting and reassuring to have these opportunities at their fingertips as they continue to grow.

What is next for Kent Crisps?

Kent Crisps is passionate about supporting the Kent tourism economy. As one of the few British snack brands that remains independently owned and run, their ethos is to produce delicious crisps that showcase the finest food and drink from across the country. Their professional website is one part of the journey to encouraging tourism and representing Kent’s finest produce.

The new FoodE system will allow Kent Crisps to develop a B2C database and leverage the marketing opportunities. They’ll be able to start to understand the shopping habits of this market utilising the FoodE dashboard, and develop incentives to engage with this audience.

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