M.A. Piper and Son Farms

A new look for farming

M.A. Piper & Son Farms

M.A. Piper & Son Farms were keen to correct clichéd opinions of farming when they approached Oak Creative for assistance with building their brand and a website.

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The Mission

M.A. Piper & Son Farms were keen to showcase just how forward thinking and progressive they are, in both their approach to farming, livestock, the natural environment and the community that surrounds their land in rural Kent.

Oak Creative designed and delivered branding devices that echoed their philosophy, as well as a web platform that not only provided crystal clear information about the farm, but also served as a gateway to accessing the farm’s holiday and business rentals.

Intended as a platform to be built upon for future online projects, the website is fully editable by the Piper team and will serve them, and the community, well into the future.

Building a brand to stay

Showcasing Kent’s agricultural heritage

Building brand foundations for growth

Established in 1986

Online brand refresh

Building a brand to honour a beautiful soul

Crisps with Character