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Website cultivation

NP Seymour LTD Website

NP Seymour Ltd approached Oak Creative to design and build a website they could be proud of.

Their existing website wasn’t performing at the level they wanted; Clunky navigation, confusing features and muddled presentation of information meant that users often left the site without finding what they needed. This was very frustrating to both users and the team at NP Seymour.

Oak started the task of designing a robust web design that could showcase the products, branding and customer service skills of this trusted family-run business.

What improvements were made?

There were numerous areas of the website that could be improved upon. Some were directly requested by the client, some were suggestions from ourselves put together into a proposal.

Our design addressed navigational issues such as the dropdown menu, breadcrumbs, and website structure. We also dialled back some of the non-user friendly features of the old website, introducing clean typography, consistently spaced elements and clear calls to action.

Custom posts types were created to display news, products and testimonials throughout the website, utilising snippets to generate interest rather than displaying the entire article.

How did the project go?

Really well – the existing website had a lot of genuine content and imagery, which make our job a lot more straightforward. We just had to decide on how to display that content and structure it in a way that visitors to the website could access it quickly and easily.

A thorough initial meeting, followed by a detailed proposal made sure both parties had everything they needed to proceed.

An initial design prototype featuring a homepage and a few landing pages created in Adobe XD was supplied to NP Seymour, requesting feedback and any comments. After a round of amendments, the design was signed off and was ready for development on our staging server.

A few weeks later and a test website build was ready. Another round of tweaks and requests from the client were addressed and the website launched in early July 2022.

Any thoughts for the future of the website?

Now that the website is fully editable and working how they want it, the team at NP Seymour can really get stuck into perfecting the content for their customers.

The website is set up and ready for future development with Oak Creative, so we look forward to a strong creative partnership moving forward that could certainly involve moving into online sales.

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