Website overhaul for parking giants

Changing the flight path

Park N' Fly Redesign

Park ‘N Fly provides hassle free airport parking across multiple locations in North America, with an airport drop off service which delivers passengers directly to their terminal once they’ve parked their vehicle.  Their streamlined and hassle free parking solutions also have add on options for car washes, oil changes, pet boarding and more.

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The Mission

Comprehensive user testing revealed that the previous Park ‘N Fly website did not match the same hassle free and high-quality experience as their parking service did.  This inconsistency in the brand offering directed the mission for a new flexible and fully editable front-end website.  Customers are guided into a booking flow with confidence and clarity, to ensure their website experience fully matches the standards of their airport parking.

“We are delighted to be Park ‘N Fly’s technology partner in this exciting new venture. The project has been a great collaboration between Chauntry, Oak Creative our sister company and Park ‘N Fly. The new Park ‘N Fly website has resulted in new and innovative ways of delivering a great customer experience.”

Theresa Hughes, Managing Director of Chauntry

How did the project start?

Oak were introduced to the project and Park N’ Fly by Chauntry. They were implementing their Parkspace software to manage Park N’ Fly’s bookings, and Park N’ Fly expressed a need to have a new website that ticked a lot of boxes:

  • Champion the Park N’ Fly brand (especially the Park N’ Fly Guy)
  • Seamless integration with the new booking system
  • A significant increase in usability and speed for visitors to the website
  • More freedom for Park N’ Fly to update the website themselves, quickly
  • Fully responsive for mobile, tablet and desktop devices
  • Continuation of tracking functions and hundreds of partner pages

We kicked off the project with a meeting with Park N’ Fly and Chauntry, followed up with a demo presentation of our initial ideas, a finalised design following feedback and then months of development.

What were the challenges of the project and how did you solve them?

A project of this magnitude will always throw some curveballs – the Park N’ Fly website has  over a thousand pages and we needed to ensure everything was covered by the redesign. Through regular cross-Atlantic Zoom meetings and utilising project management systems, we were able to address any issues that came up.

We developed the new website on our testing server, where we were able to test a range of features for the new website and ensure download speeds and tracking tags were all functioning as desired.

The old website limited the way Park N’ Fly could promote and sell their products and was a stumbling block for their marketing team. Now they have a dynamic way to communicate with their customers.

What does the future look like for Park N' Fly?

Very exciting.

The triple whammy of a brand new UX-focussed website combined with an improved booking system AND the return of travel across the States and globally post-Covid has set Park N’ Fly up for a very bright future indeed

The continued partnership with Oak Creative and Chauntry means that any iterations and new ideas can be addressed quickly, tested and put live on the website for customers to enjoy.

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