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Kent County Agricultural Society Website Design

The Kent County Agricultural Society (KCAS) have been supporting and developing farming and agriculture in Kent since 1923.

Oak Creative was officially appointed as the Creative Partner to Kent County Agricultural Society (KCAS) in 2023. Acting as a creative resource to their in house marketing team, we share the KCAS passion and commitment to strengthen Kent’s farming community.

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The Mission

Oak Creative were appointed to deliver a visually led, easy to navigate web site with booking functionality which firmly positions KCAS at the heart of their events. The site needs to accommodate the needs and user journeys of multiple stakeholder groups – trade, sponsors and general public.

Oak Creative has a long standing heritage in Kent and impressive design expertise in the tourism sector. As our Creative Partner they truly showcased the very best of KCAS in our new website.

Julian Barnes, Chairman of Kent County Agricultural Society

How did the relationship with KCAS begin?

Oak Creative’s collaboration with KCAS dates back to 2020 when they first redesigned the society’s website. As a high traffic website with multiple user groups, the initial website redesign project had 2 clear goals: 

  • To increase sales to KCAS events
  • To provide clear navigation for multiple audience groups 

Oak Creative delivered a visually led and easy to navigate site, complete with booking functionality. Importantly, the design communicates to various stakeholder groups – trade, sponsors and the general public. The site firmly and successfully positioned KCAS at the heart of their events.

Fast forward to 2023, and Oak Creative were appointed as the ongoing Creative Partner to KCAS.

What are the goals of the creative partnership?

Each year KCAS delivers a calendar of events with the overarching goal of promoting farming and agriculture in Kent. Their largest event is the prestigious Kent County Show, which draws crowds of over 100,000 people. Other events include trade exhibitions such as Farm Expo, The Living Land and Farming Heritage Show. The remit of the creative partnership is to help drive:

  • Compelling creative campaign for the Kent County Show
  • An increase visitor numbers to the Kent County Show 2024 
  • An Increase KCAS membership
  • Position KCAS firmly at the heart of each event

Jessica Banks, Oak’s marketing manager explains, “Oak Creative extends comprehensive support to KCAS, not only in designing visually captivating campaigns but also in providing strategic guidance and collaboration with their marketing team. It is our priority to design marketing materials with purpose and impact, as well as ensuring a cohesive brand presence across various platforms.”

What projects has Oak Creative delivered for KCAS?

A large focus for 2023/2024 has been to create a new campaign design for the Kent County Show. KCAS had a clear vision of how to build on the success of previous years’ shows. Following from the goals above, the new campaign design needed to place KCAS at the heart of the event, communicating that it is a charity event. 

The campaign design started with a solid understanding of the target audience and delving into data from previous years’ events, as well as ticket sales and web traffic sources. Oak Creative delivered several creative concepts and upon feedback, a chosen route was developed further into a comprehensive campaign. Implementation involves the creation of printed and digital assets, advertising, content for social media ads, ticket designs, and more. For the show itself, Oak Creative will be instrumental in creating on-site signage, maps and engagement activities. 

Beyond the Kent County Show, Oak Creative has supported design resources for other KCAS events. As well as assisting with creative design, Oak maintains the KCAS website, ensuring it is a secure and optimised platform. Due to the high traffic volume and payments going through the site, it is a priority to ensure it is safe and secure. The website is fully editable by the KCAS team for content updates.

In what other ways does Oak Creative support KCAS?

Working as a creative partnership means that Oak Creative provides a valuable and reliable resource to the KCAS marketing team. Oak Creative remains committed to providing ongoing support and collaboration, ensuring that the KCAS brand continues to evolve and resonate with its audience effectively. All support is underpinned by the goals we set with the KCAS team. 

Furthermore, in March 2024 Laura Bevan, Oak Creative’s studio director, joined the KCAS council committee. This appointment is a testament to her passion for championing Kent’s rural businesses and strengthens the collaboration further. Read more about this role here. 

As a business, Oak Creative has always placed Kent’s heritage at the heart of what we do. We are proud to work with a diverse roster of prestigious businesses across all sectors in Kent and beyond, including many farming and agricultural businesses, vineyards, producers and more. Our work with these businesses alongside KCAS allow us a deeper understanding and increased motivation to support the rural tourism and agricultural sector.

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