The D&AD 2023

Our Art Director Jasper and Creative Designer Jenni took a day trip to go and see the exciting new work on display at the D&AD exhibition in London.

The D&AD (Design & Art Direction) Awards are prestigious within the world of design, and often set out new trends and inspire future artists. Jasper & Jenni had the opportunity to attend the D&AD 2023 Talks and Panels hosted at The Truman Brewery, and have hand picked some of their favourite projects.

Here’s what caught Jasper’s eye:

Project 1: Good Eat’n

“Love the playfulness and simplicity of this packaging. I really love the brands bold logotype and the colourful styling. It is very emoji-like and fun.”

Project 2: The Hornicultral Society

“The Hornicultural society packaging was a great project. I loved the seed packaging style they used and the use of language and double entendre. The photography was also really beautifully shot.”

Project 3: Milano Orchestra Sinfonica

“Love this as a piece of branding and the way it is brought to life through animation, movement and sound gives the whole thing real character. A really unique way to think about a brand experience across various audience touch points.”

Here’s what Jenni chose:

Project 1: Cute Cure

“This one really just stuck with me. The packaging design itself is so simple and effective and immediately just makes me smile, which is what it’s designed to do! They made it feel joyful through their brightly coloured animal boxes and superpower stickers, and you can tell that kids were involved in the full process.”

Project 2: Middle Seat Lottery

“Virgin Australia certainly went big and bold for this PR/Marketing stunt! This project was involved in a jury talk about Brand Experiences and going above and beyond expectations. With this campaign, Virgin sparked thousands of conversations around the globe. It goes to show that thinking outside the box and creative problem-solving can go a long way.”

Project 3: Phone it in

“In this, Skinny Mobile used humour and a very casual tone of voice to truly involve the public in their marketing, and make people feel special to be included too. The whole thing was very self-aware and proves that running with your brand identity in such a real way allows people to relate and want to be a part of it.”

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